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Recovering early, live and aged debt

From beginning to end. We do it all.

If you're looking for a debt collection agency which offers debt recovery services from the moment a debt becomes due, right through to the end of the debt cycle, then you're in the right place. Now, combine that with industry leading collection rates and our customer-centric approach that protects your customer relationships and brand. Whatever your debt challenges, we deliver impressive results.

Recovering early arrears debt

If you want to focus on your core business, your in-house resource is stretched or you want to improve results whilst reducing costs, we can step in. Outsource your early arrears process to us, and we'll "white label" this service for you, with our expert collectors acting on behalf of and working as an extension of your organisation. As customer journey experts, we'll not only reduce overheads for you - we'll protect your customer relationships as if they were our own and importantly, deliver impressive results.

Our live debt expertise

Whether you're looking to recover debt that has not previously been placed with a third party, or looking for a debt collection agency that can succeed where others have failed, we can take the stress of recovery away from you, and manage the process whatever your requirements. We have a strong record in collecting where others have failed, so if your current agency hasn't performed as expected, our tailored strategies and highly skilled collectors get the results you want.

Field based services

We have over 150 field agents covering the entire UK mainland, and can offer a range of services including those which are utility specific such as disconnection and reconnection, income maximisation inspections and void management. By visiting properties, and discussing issues face to face with customers, we can both gather intelligence and proactively engage your customers to deliver successful results.


When other collection strategies have failed, our litigation services can be successful where in depth research and reporting indicated that issuing legal proceedings through the courts is the most appropriate course of action for a particular customer.

"Grosvenor has been a leading provider of live debt collection services to Scottish Power for over 13 years, maximising returns whilst ensuring appropriate outcomes for our customers."

Marion Pretswell, domestic debt operations, Scottish Power

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