A more intelligent approach to debt collection

The best collection strategies are founded on great data and genuine customer understanding. It’s true that the more you know about your customer, the better you are able to formulate strategies, processes and communications for making collection – even in the most difficult cases.

Using data and segmentation to recover debt

We use sophisticated external data to enrich your own customer data. We also segment customers into different types, to approach different people in different circumstances with communications that are most appropriate to their situation. This helps us to recover early, live and aged debt – which you might have otherwise given up on – and ensure a satisfactory outcome for all.

Experience in consumer and commercial collections

Of course, as well as data intelligence, Grosvenor uses the vast experience our people have in engaging customers throughout the end-to-end collections cycle. Building on 40 years’ experience, we have specialist teams in this area. Our people who have been through different processes in different industries time and again, and know which approach to use, for who, and when, to maximise success.

With around 400 debt collection agencies in the marketplace, just how do you go about choosing the right one for you?

Why not read our helpful hints and tips in our latest blog: debt collection agencies: how to choose the right one

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