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When your normal collection strategies have drawn a blank, Grosvenor Services Group, a part of Echo, can help. Our office and field-based debt collection strategies have been tried and tested to deliver in a wide variety of circumstances – from early arrears collections to the recovery of household and business debt; our unique customer-centric approach helps maximise your revenues.

And whilst there are many debt collection agencies in the UK, there aren't many who truly understand customer service, and that's where we're different. Echo and Grosvenor Services are customer journey specialists, and our people place customer service at the heart of our operation. We engage your customers, protect your brand and collect more.

“We’ve enjoyed a productive and valuable partnership with Echo over the past 12 years and have been thoroughly impressed with the way the team has executed the more recent metering and billing contract. Importantly, they operate with a customer-centric mindset that has had some great feedback from our stakeholders.”

Gary Curran, Head of Metering and Billing, Northern Ireland Water

Engaging your customers

We believe in positively engaging customers to successfully recover debt. We understand that brand protection is essential and that equally, protecting your reputation is central to how people perceive your brand. Choose us and your customers and brand are in safe hands. We take great care to build relationships with your customers, taking the time to listen and giving the right advice which in turn helps us to communicate with understanding.

Treating customers fairly

We take time to identify customers in vulnerable circumstances, understand their situation and engage with them in a sensitive manner. Working together, we adopt an appropriate collections strategy in line with regulatory and legal obligations in order to resolve their debt. Ultimately our approach comes down to our simple mantra: using the right solution, for the right customer, at the right time.

What do consumers think about UK debt collection practices? Find out in our comprehensive consumer research report

1,500 UK households tell us about their attitudes towards debt, the reasons behind their arrears and which companies they feel are getting it right and wrong.

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Debt collection. Make a change for the better.

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